Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A few reviews...

I know I have been MIA..me and my honey had been making the most of our "kid-free" time we had for a couple of weeks. I did manage to sew up a few things though. The white, tan and green maxi I used Simplicity 3503 again but just made the top portion a tube top. I wore the yellow dress to my cousins wedding. My husband decided to buy a yellow shirt to match LOL. The black and white dress I wore when me and my daughter went to NYC. We took a pic with Morgan Freeman!!!!!!! J/K..that is his wax figure.

Fabric used: Yellow Jet Set

Complexity of pattern: I would say Intermediate...the way you do the ruffles is a bit tricky but I finally figured it out. Plus it was really late and my brain was shutting down hahaha

How long did it take to complete: Honestly I can't remember..my guess would be close to 5 hours.

Overall Review: The dress is really cute!! Perfect for a wedding or similar occasion. The pattern is decent. A little tricky in spots like I said but ok. I doubt I will sew this again.

Fabric used: Black and White printed cotton-I only used 2 different prints instead of 3 like the picture shows.

Complexity of pattern: Beginner...this was an easy pattern. Basically all halter patterns all the same with variations to the bodice and midriff parts.

How long did it take to complete: Around 2 1/2 hours

Overall Review: I like this pattern. The contrasting material is what makes this one stand out. I don't think I will be sewing this one again..at least not this summer. I am about done sewing maxi dresses for the season.