Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shirt-Butterick 5329

This is one of Butterick's new patterns for Spring that I sewed up for something quick and easy to do. I made View A in medium.

Fabric used: Printed knit from Hancock's

Complexity of pattern: Beginner

How long did it take to complete: 2 hours

Overall Review: I really like this pattern. It was super easy which is always a good thing. I like the way it has a gathered look. I plan on making the long maxi dress version a few times for the summer.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jacket-McCall 5759

I made View B in size 12 which is in grey on the pattern envelope.

Fabric used: Target poplin. It is maybe a step down in thickness from denim. It was fairly easy to work with.

Complexity of pattern: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

How long did it take to complete: 14 hours

Overall Review: I like this pattern. I had to redo the first sleeve I sewed on because I put it on backwards so paying attention to the correct direction certain pieces need to be sewn on for this pattern is important. When I wore it, I left the 1st button undone and opened up the collar a little. I kinda wish I made a 14 in this because it is really form fitting but the 12 is ok. I might sew this pattern again in a thinner material and a more spring like color but I have a few other jacket patterns I need to sew up first.

This is a design that I plan to put on most of my clothes to give it somewhat of a personal touch. It is a Queen's crown. I embroidered it on the lower right side of the jacket.

All the girls meeting to celebrate January/February birthdays

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a good weekend and Valentine's Day. Mine was good. Just a quiet evening at home. I did get away for a few hours to attend this sewing meeting sponsored by the DC Threads. I was invited to it by a lady from a sewing forum that I frequent. It was a good crowd. As you see from the picture they have several sewing machines and ladies were giving instructional time as well as helping people sew quick and easy projects. They meet once a month on the second Saturday. I plan on going back.

I managed to whip up something red to wear on Valentine's Day. Nothing too fancy.

That is me in the corner with the black coat on. The lady standing is giving information about how to read patterns, etc. I did learn a thing or two.

It fits perfectly on my homemade dress form LOL! I don't have the belt as tight as I did when I wore it.

I made View A

Fabric used: It was was some type of satin/brocade but rather thin. I added extra interfacing to the belt piece to give it more firmness.

Complexity of pattern: Beginner-I think a beginner could sew this without too many problems. The belt might be tricky but just read the directions a few times and you should get it.

How long did it take to complete: About 3 hours

Overall Review: This pattern was nice. It was really easy and I love the look of it. I may sew this again down the road with a really pretty brocade.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Embroidering Frenzy!

I have figured out how to use the embroidery component for my machine and I have all these ideas swimming in my mind about all the stuff I want to embroider! LOL. It is the coolest thing ever. My regular sewing was put on the back burner this past week so I could learn my new machine and I haven't even scratched the surface. I need to get back on track because there are some things I need to complete over the next week or so. My first embroidery project was something for my daughter for Valentine's Day. She loves Hello Kitty although I suspect she might be growing out of it but oh well, she will be ok. I found a Hello Kitty embroidery pattern that I downloaded to my machine and I stitched it on a some towels with her name. I think she will like them.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Edition To My Sewing Family!!

My new sewing machine arrived the other day. It is a Brother HE-240 Sewing and Embroidery Combo. Initially I thought it was model SE-350 but they are almost identical except the front panel is different. I am loving it already and I haven't really even scratched the surface with all it does. So now I have 3 sewing machines and a serger. I am so fascinated with how the new machine just sews on its own with a touch of a button. My machine isn't even really one of the most expensive ones out there. I can only imagine what the more expensive machines are capable of doing.

All the feet that came with the accessory kit. I am going to have fun figuring out how to use all of them.

I played around with the machine for a while to test the embroidering feature.
It has 70 built in patterns and has USB port to download other patterns from the internet. The buttonholes are excellent. I wasn't totally satisfied with the buttonholes on my other machine.

Completed Duck Tape Dress Form

I finished the dress form and it turned out pretty good. It has the exact same measurements as I do. At least for now. I am still on a quest to lose a few more pounds. I still have to think of a name for her. Shout out to my DH for always being so helpful.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Duck Tape Dress Form

I stewed and stewed over purchasing a dress form. Anybody that knows me can testify that I can be really cheap hahaha. I will search high and low to find the less expensive route to go. I looked at a few dress forms but could not bring myself to pay between $125 and $200 for one. I even told my husband to buy me one for my birthday but I changed my mind. I ran across some videos of people making their own dress forms with duck tape and it sounded like something right up my alley. Here are my supplies:

Duck tape

PVC pipe cut into 3 pieces


Morton water softener pellets


Fiber fill(not pictured)

I will post pics of the finished product IF it turns out right lol!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Steelers!!

My family has a friendly rivalry going with the Superbowl. The fellas want the Cardinals to win and the ladies are going for the Steelers. I decided to rub it in their face a little and whip up me and my step daughter some Steeler gear to wear while we watch the game. I only used a yard and a half of fabric and it took about an hour and half for all 3 pieces. Nothing fancy just a little something to represent. They better win now!!

Houndstooth Jacket

Here is the jacket from McCall 5717. It turned out good. My review is below:

Fabric used: Some type of polyester blend

Lining used: Red Zeus

Complexity of pattern: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

How long did it take to complete: 20 hours

Overall review: This pattern was ok. It took way too long to complete. It had alot of pattern pieces. I had some issues with the ruffle and trying to get it to fit properly on the lower half of the jacket. The only change I did was use 1 1/2 inch buttons instead of 1 3/8 like the pattern called for because I couldn't find any covered button kits in that size. I don't think I will sew this pattern again.