Monday, September 28, 2009

Some reviews

Long time no blog hahaha. A few things have been going on the last month that have kept me from blogging and sewing that much. My machine was in the shop for a week, I was working on an embroidery project for the ladies in my church group, football season is here which takes up alot of my time and just pure laziness of course. I managed to sew up a few easy projects this month though. This may or may not be the last time you see any orange items which is the color of my son's football team. He may quit the team. Long story but the decision isn't final yet but if he doesn't, I will be making a few more orange items and possibly some burgundy ones which is the color of my other son's team. I bought this orange furry fabric and this orange velveteen that has me thinking wth was I thinking hahahahahahhaa...but knowing me, I will make something with it and wear it like I am the bomb!

hahaha..ol school rabbit daughter is so in to Michael Jackson that she listens to it everywhere we go.

My girl Monica came out to support my son

Fabric used: Orange crinkly 4 way stretch fabric

Complexity of pattern: Beginner. This pattern is similar to M5241

How long did it take to complete: About 2 hours

Overall Review: I like this pattern. It was really simple and just warm enough for a breezy day. The hem is time consuming because of the way it's made. I like the way it ties in the back. I made the McCall version of this some time ago in black and have misplaced it or lost it. I might have left it on the train so I will probably use this pattern to make another one in black.

Fabric used: Orange fleece

Complexity of pattern: Beginner. Nothing difficult about this pattern at all. I made View B in size M.

How long did it take to complete: About 3 hours

Overall Review: I like this pattern too. Very cute. Some of the other football Moms were asking where I bought it from hahaha..the pockets seemed a bit small to me. They could of been a smidge bigger IMO..also I think interfacing the collar with a light weight interfacing would make it stand up a little more. I should of listened to my first mind and did it but decided not to but it turned out alright. I have some burgundy fleece in my stash so I may make it again when I go to one of my other son's games.

Fabric used: Multi colored rayon..I had to have this fabric when I saw it but it was only 1 1/4 yards left on the bolt. I was going to make a skirt but I am on a mission to use old patterns and stash fabric so I decided on this shrug pattern I have been having over a year or so.

Complexity of pattern: Beginner. Pretty easy to make. I made View C in a size 12.

How long did it take to complete: About 3 hours

Overall Review: This pattern was nice. I like the way the collar part and the flared out sleeves are made.