Monday, October 26, 2009

McCall 5859/Vogue 8601 and 8603

I guess I have fallen in the "once a month" updating mode LOL! I am going to try and do better but I am thinking about letting my son play basketball when football season is over so I may be stuck in this mode for awhile. At least I haven't put my sewing totally in the back burner :-) We had a surprise birthday party for my mom and it was a major hit! She was so shocked and happy she cried for 3 or 4 minutes. I was trying to upload the video to here but it wouldn't work but it is priceless!!

Fabric used: Animal printed cotton. It's thicker almost like a decorator fabric.

Complexity of pattern: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. Nothing to difficult. It is lined so it took extra time. It seemed to have a lot of pieces to the pattern for such a small jacket but that is normal I guess for ones with princess seams. I made View B in size 14.

How long did it take to complete: About 7 hours

Overall Review: I like this pattern. Very nice. The pockets and the way the sleeves are made is really cute. I like the collar as well. I had planned on making the short sleeve version this summer but never got around to it so I decided to make the long sleeve version and use some the rest of that animal print fabric I have had forever. I wish I had of took up close pics of the buttons and sleeves.

Sorry for the glare but I wanted you to see the jacket has black in it because the other pictures look goldish in color.

Fabric used: Paisley printed Brocade. It is mainly black and has gold and like a mauvish color. I made View C in size 12.

Complexity of pattern: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. This one wasn't hard either and it is lined as well. The bottom button is set inside the seam which I like. Saves time from doing button holes. I normally don't buy Vogue patterns but I found a few I liked when they had the online pattern sale about 3 weeks to a month ago.

How long did it take to complete: About 9 hours

Overall Review: I love this pattern. Everything went together well. I don't know why I expected the tail portion to be difficult. The darts in the elbow area are a different little touch. I had more issues with the collar but that was my fault. The tails don't seem to hang down as far on me as it shows on the envelope though. I think my butt is just huge and it's hiking them up some hahaha...I wore it to my mother's party. I got loads of compliments and my little sister wants me to make her one in emerald green one lol! I might make this again somewhere down the road. I have a couple of similar patterns that I want to try out first.

I don't know why I am sticking my butt out like that and the skirt is a little crooked hahahaha

Fabric used: Grey polyester blend..I bought about 4 yards of this awhile ago and I am slowly using it up. I made View A in size 12 or 14 I can't remember.

Complexity of pattern: Beginner..this was an easy one.

How long did it take to complete: About 4 hours

Overall Review: I LOVE pattern!! I did have some reservations that the gathering on the sides was going to make me look extra wide but they don't hahaha..Love the gathering in the back as well. I want to make this again and I already bought some plaid fabric for it but something is telling me that the way the gathers are, it might be best to use solid colored fabric so you can see them better but maybe not. I still might do it.