Friday, December 25, 2009

Simplicity 2504-X2

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!! I hope Santa was good to yall!!

I am trying to get my sewing groove back so I have been working on a few things. I decided since I liked two of these jackets from this pattern that I would just sew them back to back to get it over with. I made Views A and B.

Fabric used: White fleece

Complexity of pattern: I think this is an advanced beginner. Putting in separating zippers are easier than regular ones IMO. Nothing about the pattern was really difficult.

How long did it take to complete: About 7 hours

Overall Review: I like how this jacket turned out. The sleeves and collar are what I like most. The slanting zipper is a great touch as well. I don't think the pockets are deep enough though. Other than that, it's a cute little jacket. I might make this version again. I have some corduroy I have been having for awhile that I have been trying use up forever.

Fabric used: Quilted plaid outerwear-now I must say I don't know why I like to torture myself with sewing plaid. Somewhere and somehow the lines are not going to match up hahahaha!! At least for me..maybe I need to study up on working with plaids. The fabric has that filling or batting material or whatever you call it so the jacket is kind of warm.

Complexity of pattern: Advanced beginner..the zippers on the sleeves are a little tricky.

How long did it take to complete: About 9 hours..maybe more..the matching the plaid gave me a few issues.

Overall Review: I do like this pattern. I love the zipper detail on this view. Again the pockets could be a little deeper. I forgot to put the snap in both the jackets up by the collar. I don't think the white one needs it but the plaid one does so I will go back an put it in.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Butterick 5394/McCall 5975

I whipped these two pieces up awhile ago.

Fabric used: Grey knit-I have had this fabric in my stash for awhile and it was perfect for this.

Complexity of pattern: Beginner..very easy. I made View C

How long did it take to complete: About 2 hours

Overall Review: This is the second time I have used this pattern. I made View B with orange fleece. The review is in a previous post. It is a really easy pattern to work with and has several options. I love the fringe look. I can see doing one in a red or even a purple.

Fabric used: Burgundy matte jersey-I have had this fabric in my stash for awhile too

Complexity of pattern: I would say advanced beginner but I didn't follow the directions and did my own thing with the dress that was easier. I did not put in a zipper and I made view B with long sleeves.

How long did it take to complete: About 3 hours

Overall Review: This is a very cute pattern. I did find it odd that it called for a zipper being that you are to use some type of knit but I guess depending on the knit, you might need a zipper. I don't think matte jersey has that much stretch and I got the dress on with no problems.