Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 2016!!

Happy New Year! It's been almost 2 years since I have posted anything. So much to do, too little time. Well I am back. Hopefully I will keep at it this time or at least make a better effort. Well, let's get this party rolling. My first piece of the year is a simple cape I whipped up. Actually, I made a brocade jumpsuit for New Years Eve but I didn't take any pics of it really but it turned out cute. I chose Butterick 5819 to get it rolling. As you can see, I have a partner in crime in the pictures with me. That is my baby Tanner. He is wearing a matching harness and crocheted neckwarmer. He is pretty much the inspiration that got me sewing again. The latter part of last year I spent sewing and selling pet clothing. I recently opened an Etsy shop for it. I also still have my Etsy shop where I sell my jewelry which has kept me busy for awhile now. This is the main reason I have not had much time to really sew like I want to. Anyone with a degree in time management give me a holler hahaha.    

Fabric used: Plaid fleece. I did an ok job trying to match up the lines but I really wasn't that concerned.

Complexity of pattern: Pretty easy. I did change the way the instructions said put the collar together.

How long did it take to complete: I worked on it over a few days but it probably would only have taken a couple hours straight through.  

Overall Review: I like how it looks on. The instructions call for leaving the edges raw which the fleece is good for. I made a medium but should have made  large. I plan on making View C in the future.   

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

M6922 Hi/Lo Halter Dress

Hello there! I felt like doing a quick little blog post on something I made recently since I really haven't sewn in forever. Shot out to Jasmine!! She emailed me a couple of months ago about how she enjoyed my blog back when I was more active with it. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I am going to put forth the effort to sew at least one item per month and post it. We will see how that goes hahaha I whipped up M6922 this past weekend for Mother's day dinner. I made a few changes but the pattern was very easy and quick. Sorry for the clarity of the pic but I didn't get a chance to take the majority of them when it was still light outside but if you click on the pic it will enlarge for a better view. Fabric used: Polka dot cotton knit Complexity of pattern: Easy How long did it take to complete: It took me about 2.5 hours. I omitted the zipper and added about 2 inches to the hem line. Overall Review: I love this dress! I almost felt like Marilyn Monroe reincarnated! LOL! It flowed well and was airy. I could see myself making it again later on down the line.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Sew What I See" DIY Jumpsuit

I wanted something cute and sassy to wear to my cousin's 25th wedding anniversary weekend that was in Florida recently and I ran up on this picture.
I thought it was really cute so I started to convince myself that I could make it hahahaha. This was only the second time I attempted this but I went into it with confidence. The construction was pretty easy. Connecting the top to the bottom was kinda tricky but it turned out decent. I did make a few changes to save time but I am happy with the end result. I am proud of myself :-).

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Returning to my blog/DIY Wrap Dress

Hi there! I wonder if anybody even remembers me!! hahaha... It's been a whole year and half since I updated my sewing blog. I have had a few things going on in my life that I had to put sewing on the back burner for a long time. I would sew certain stuff here and there but I barely touch my sewing machine anymore. Over the last few months though I have been inspired to try and sew more whenever time permits. Summer is here and I want to make me several summer dresses, skirts, etc. I decided to post my latest project. I went to my cousin's wedding recently and I wanted to make me a cute dress for the occassion but again, I really didn't have hours to spend making a dress so I decided to do something with as miminal sewing as possible hahaha..I figured I could do some sort of wrap/drape dress really easy and for cheap. I have tub after tub of fabric so I didn't have to go out and purchase anything. I used a salmon colored knit. I decided to whip up a DIY belt and earrings made from some soft nylon rope too. The time spent on this project was probably an hour if that. I will put some pics below of the quick and easy process and of the finished look.
I made a seam up to where the armhole was.
I surged the seam to get rid of the excess fabric.
I hemmed my dress but some people leave edges raw.
It looks like one big rectangle when you are done.
I sewed the hem asymmetrical to have that type look when it was done.
I used gold spray paint and soft nylon rope for the belt and earrings.
Everything about the wedding was beautiful and classy..I am so happy for my cousin.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 is here !! Happy New Year!

My goodness!! It has been almost a year since I posted on my blog. So unacceptable hahahaha..I had a busy 2010. I did some traveling, my baby graduated from college (YAY!!), started a couple business ventures, etc. The business ventures are probably the main reason I haven't updated my blog. I think I sewed maybe 3 or 4 times in 2010. I just did not have the time. I put all my energy into by business. Which is what you may be asking LOL! I started my own handcrafted bath and body product website. It's going good. I am still trying to get my name out there but it's coming along to be so new. My site is Check it out if you have some time.

I did manage to whip me up a little something to wear out for New Years Eve. My husband and I decided at the LAST minute to get a room at the Grand Hyatt for the evening just to get out of the house. There were several parties going on there and I just wanted something cute but not too dressy to wear.


Fabric used: Stretchy sequin-I think it's called Confetti knit or something like that..

Complexity of pattern: Zip, Zero, Zilch-this had to be the easiest pattern I have ever sewn. There are only 3 pieces to this garment.

How long did it take to complete: It took me about an hour and half only because the fabric is a nightmare to work with.

Overall Review: I love the look and fit of the dress and I wore leggings because it is too cold to be having your legs all out. The fabric gums up on the needle and makes the bobbin skip around something awful. I had to sew REALLY slow to try and stop all the skipping. I didn't try using a different needle because I was too lazy to look for any in my stash so I had to suffer through it. I doubt if that would of mattered anyway but who knows.

I hope everyone had a blessed and safe holiday!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yes, this ol bird is 40 now LOL! I don't feel any different. I am the skinniest I have been in a few years and my skin is clearer and smooth too. Is my body confused on what it is suppose to be doing?? hahahahahahaha...I had a wonderful birthday. My mother, daughter and some other friends traveled to celebrate with me. I had a 3 day celebration so needless to say, I was exhausted but it was worth it. I did manage to sew me up a couple items to wear. Friday night was ladies night out so I made this cute Zebra jacket(Butterick 5142)with a fur collar and sleeves. I wasn't sure if it was going to work out well with the fur but it did. Saturday night I wanted all the ladies to wear red and I wanted to wear something elegant(Vogue 2879) and I found the perfect pattern for it.

This is my baby girl!!

I found THE perfect shoes!! The fabric on them was pretty much the same fabric I used for jacket.

Fabric used: Zebra printed rayon/poly and faux fur for collar and sleeve flounces.

Complexity of pattern: The pattern was simple. It called for lining the jacket and sleeves only and not the peplum but I lined everything. The fur collar didn't give me a problem but the sleeve flounces took some extra time. I also lined the back of each fur piece. It called for a frog clasp which I have never used before but it was a piece of cake.

How long did it take to complete: About 5 hours

Overall Review: The jacket is really nice. I was so tickled to find the shoes to match it:-) I like the peplum on it and how the sleeve flounces look.

Fabric used: Red knit. I ordered it from Fabric Mart and was very pleased. I very rarely order fabric off the internet but this fabric was perfect.

Complexity of pattern: Ok I must say that I did alot of talking to myself while I was sewing this hahahaha...I had to verbally speak some of the directions to help me figure out what to do. The bottom party of the dress was a bit of a doosie but I worked it out.

How long did it take to complete: Surprisingly it didn't take as long as I thought it would. There really aren't that many steps to the pattern and I think it took around 5 hours to complete. Cutting it out took extra long.

Overall Review: I absolutely love this dress. Everybody was in awe at the fact that I made it. I got a couple requests from friends to make them one hahaha..I don't think I want to rehash all of that though. A shorter version might be cute.

A few bday pics

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simplicity 2508

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday and fabulous New Year. Mine was wonderful wonderful wonderful!! I managed to get some sewing done. A few hoodies for the kids and a couple things for myself. My latest project had me almost telling my husband to go buy me a pack of Newport cigarettes to calm my nerves!! dealt me a fit. And it wasn't the pattern, it was the fabric I was using but it paid off. I am IN LOVE with my new coat. I have been wearing everyday this week. Time for a break from it. I don't have any pictures with me actually wearing it though. My son is the fill in photographer and he is way shorter than me so the pics didn't come out to my liking.

Fabric used: Hounds tooth print that I think is some type of rayon blend but I am not sure. It unravels like crazy. It is almost like a yarn. It is really thick too. I had major issues sewing the buttonholes and some of the other areas because it is thick and in conjunction with having interfacing and lining, it was rough but I managed to work with it. I did not have enough of the fabric to use as facings so I used some black rayon fabric I had and it was a blessing in disguise because using the same material for the facing would of made this impossible to sew. I used purple flannel back satin for the lining and I am telling you this coat is so warm. We have had 20 degree temps here and it is barely bothering me at all.

Complexity of pattern: This is probably advanced beginner or intermediate. I had no issues what so ever it was mainly the fabric. I made the view that is shown in white on the envelope.

How long did it take to complete: TOO LONG!!! I can't really access this pattern because of all the issue I had with the fabric but I worked on it for 2 days pretty much all day and into the evening.

Overall Review: I love it!! The button detail and collar are my favorite. This has to be one of my favorite pieces that I have made if not the favorite.