Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a good weekend and Valentine's Day. Mine was good. Just a quiet evening at home. I did get away for a few hours to attend this sewing meeting sponsored by the DC Threads. I was invited to it by a lady from a sewing forum that I frequent. It was a good crowd. As you see from the picture they have several sewing machines and ladies were giving instructional time as well as helping people sew quick and easy projects. They meet once a month on the second Saturday. I plan on going back.

I managed to whip up something red to wear on Valentine's Day. Nothing too fancy.

That is me in the corner with the black coat on. The lady standing is giving information about how to read patterns, etc. I did learn a thing or two.

It fits perfectly on my homemade dress form LOL! I don't have the belt as tight as I did when I wore it.

I made View A

Fabric used: It was was some type of satin/brocade but rather thin. I added extra interfacing to the belt piece to give it more firmness.

Complexity of pattern: Beginner-I think a beginner could sew this without too many problems. The belt might be tricky but just read the directions a few times and you should get it.

How long did it take to complete: About 3 hours

Overall Review: This pattern was nice. It was really easy and I love the look of it. I may sew this again down the road with a really pretty brocade.