Monday, June 8, 2009

Butterick 5088 and 5330

I have had this jacket 95% completed for over a month. I just needed to do the buttonholes and sew on the buttons. I love big buttons on certain pieces and I was a bit discouraged because both of my sewing machines only do buttonholes that are a maximum in size of 1 1/4. I am just realizing this after using one machine for 2 years and the other one for 6 months and I had no clue as to how I was going to make the buttonholes. The buttons I used were 1 3/8 and the pattern called for 1 1/4. Someone suggested a satin stitch which sounded more complicated than I cared to try. I decided that I would just make 2 zig zags and a bar tack at each end and my usual stabilizer on the front and back. They actually turned out well. Pay no mind to my weird facial expressions hahaha.

zig zag buttonhole

Fabric used: I made view A with Zebra stripped linen with just a plain white cotton lining. At first I was going to use a yellow lining but the zebra fabric is really thin and the yellow would have been seen.

Complexity of pattern: Beginner to Intermediate. It wasn't hard at all. I had no major issues.

How long did it take to complete: 8 hours(maybe 9 or 10) I can't really remember.

Overall Review: The jacket looks great. The sleeves are what I like most about this pattern. I think the buttons that I chose compliment the fabric well. I ordered them off of ebay and they came in a bag of 20 so you may see them on another piece that I make hahaha. I have this kelly green material that would look fab made from this pattern. Decisions Decisions.

Butterick 5330

I had the pleasure of finally meeting my beautiful sister-in-law Curetta and her daughter Jasmine as well as some other family this weekend when we went down to Georgia for Jasmine's graduation. I knew the graduation was going to be held outdoors so I made something nice and cool to wear.

Fabric used: Broadcloth in white, yellow and orange. I made view C but I shortened the main part of the skirt and added an extra ruffle.

Complexity of pattern: Beginner. As easy as it gets probably even with the changes I made.

How long did it take to complete: almost 2 hours but I think I could of completed it quicker.

Overall Review: If you love long skirts and want to whip up something quick, this is the pattern for you. It wound up being a tad shorter than it was suppose to be due to the changes I made and my bum measurements hahaha. I am liking the multi colored skirts and maxi dresses so I am going to make this again maybe with 3 ruffles this time with different colors. I am planning on making a multi colored maxi dress within the next couple weeks as well.


gwensews said...

Both of your garments are pretty. The zebra stripe jacket is awesome, with it's full, gathered sleeves. And the skirt is totally cute! I love long skirts in summer. Congratulations--you have 2 winners here!

gold said...

Love that jacket it is awesome!!You look great in it!

Sew-Ann said...

I'm totally feeling the jacket. The fabric works great but I'm also seeing it in the green.

knitmachinequeen said...

Okay, the facial expression is kind of weird but the nobody will notice because that jacket is gorgeous. Love the skirt also.

Faye Lewis said...

Your new jacket is NEAT-O! Nice shirt too.!

alethia said...

The jacket looks great and you took a simple skirt to the max! awesome

jacqui m. said...

Great job!!! I have a couple of project like that to..I just need to do the hem (laugh) I love the jacket.