Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Sew What I See" DIY Jumpsuit

I wanted something cute and sassy to wear to my cousin's 25th wedding anniversary weekend that was in Florida recently and I ran up on this picture.
I thought it was really cute so I started to convince myself that I could make it hahahaha. This was only the second time I attempted this but I went into it with confidence. The construction was pretty easy. Connecting the top to the bottom was kinda tricky but it turned out decent. I did make a few changes to save time but I am happy with the end result. I am proud of myself :-).


Essence Botanica said...

I have to say I stumbled on this blog via Pinterest and man, what an inspiration for my sewing ideas! Excellent and thanks so much for sharing.

Essence Botanica said...

I stumbled on this blog via a post on Pinterest and man...what an inspiration for great fashion/sewing ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.